I am Luca Fontaine.  I was born in Paris with a French father and an Italian mother. After 3 years studying acting in France at the Cours Simon and the National Conservatoire of  Versailles, I moved to London to keep working as an actor. I joined the Actors Centre and worked with the  National Theatre and the Theatre Royal Haymarket.

I am a member of the National Youth Theatre with whom  I've been working since. I had many theatre projects and recently performed in a French-English production of the Misanthrope from Moliere in a London theatre.

I have started doing more screen work recently and have had the opportunity of joining a wonderful team of talented people that brought me to Budapest where we shot The Puppeteer. I want to keep working as much on stage as on TV or Cinema.

I have been recently accepted into the Juilliard School in New York City (Master of Fine Arts in Drama - Group 51) where I have  become the very first French but also Italian actor accepted into this great institution since it's creation in 1968.

I am looking forward to discovering where this new journey will take me to!

I consider acting as an extension of childhood, playing all these roles while having fun.

We, as actors, need to keep that playful child in ourselves without letting him go ...

... and after all these years, I can say that he is still here inside, willing to play more than ever!


 Luca Fontaine